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Updated: Jan 14

New Swedish distributor Cinecct acquires Nordic rights for Australian environmental thriller “Carnifex” from the South Australian outfit, Dancing Road Productions.


In a bone-chilling expedition into the depths of Australia's ancient and mystical forests, "Carnifex" emerges as the only creature feature to bring the legendary and fearsome Australian Drop Bear to life on the big screen. This gripping horror film promises to redefine the genre, combining suspense, terror, and a touch of Australian folklore to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience.


Produced by Helen Leake (Wolf Creek 2) and Gena Ashwell, and impressive directoral debut by Sean Lahiff, "Carnifex" explores the darker side of the land down under, delving into the enigmatic world of the Drop Bear—a creature that has long been a subject of campfire tales and cautionary whispers among the locals.


The film boasts a talented ensemble cast including Alexandra Park (The Royals),  Sisi Stringer ( Mortal Combat, The Dry 2), Harry Greenwood ( Hacksaw Ridge, The Nightingale) and with a solid directorial debut by Film Editor, Sean Lahiff  ( I am Mother, Jungle, Gold).


"Carnifex" is set to terrorize audiences nationwide in Sweden with its theatrical release on January 26th 2024.  

Prepare to witness the nightmare that descends from the treetops—brace yourself for "Carnifex," the ultimate Australian creature feature that will forever change the way you look at the shadows above.


Handling the sales on behalf of Dancing Road Productions was Grace Maharaj for Arvet Agency.


For press inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

Grace Maharaj 

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