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Arvet Agency acquires legacy IP’s and IPs that have ROI value. 

We select existing IPs that have legacy story franchise while looking at the future storytellers and the audience.

The company is based in Stockholm and has a unique outlook and approach to content, story crafting, branded entertainment immersed into content through augmented reality, virtual reality and interactive narrative on streaming platforms and the metaverse.

This is the future.


Entertainment content will require both original and existing IPs to generate future story franchise that offer lifetime value returns and ROI.


Arvet Agency gets the creator community and enabling the democratization of such content.

Arvet means legacy in Swedish and Agency in this context means a sense of power, voice, empowerment, liberty, representation.

We believe that new Nordic stories also include a generation of people from a broad demographic base.

We are disrupting this status quo and focusing on connecting IPs to a new majority of Nordic citizens in our global community. Arvet Agency is demanding inclusivity and representation in ways the old guard never did.

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