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En Droppe Midnatt



En Droppe Midnatt is a dramatised adaptation of Jason Diakité's memoir of the same title. 

The limited television adaptation tells a story about one of Sweden's most complex, dynamic, successful musicians in Sweden's  hip-hop and rap legacy.  

Jason "Timbuktu" Diakité is very much part of  Sweden's cultural canon.

It  is a portrait of Sweden and the complicated story of belonging while being an outsider.

"Why do you keep insisting on tracking nigger graves that were paved over into parking lots ages ago, why?"

The Hook

Jason tells his father that he wants to write a book about him and their family.  But he is met with resistance and indifference.  When their cousin Willy, who was the last living relative from the slave era,  passes away in the USA,  Jason is determined to tell his story.

"No one wants to read about our slave history. Write about music or a detective story, people in Sweden will read that."

The Story World

We are invited into Jason's world and the way Sweden was and is today. This is a historic time capsule about society, "folkhemmet", a family who have migrated to a new country for a new start and their son who unknown at the time, becomes one of Sweden's epic hip-hop and rap artists of our time. Jason's path to music is the path to his political, societal revolution and his relationship with his father. 

En Droppe Midnatt  is a limited television drama adaptation that  Inter-cuts between key time epochs in 80's 90's to present day. Set in Sweden.


The protagonist is Jason Diakité and which the story is centred around a dramatisation based on his memoir, En Droppe Midnatt. 

What does Jason want/ need ?

He wants to write a book about his family ancestry and needs his father to remember his past so that Jason can make sense of his future. 


Jason wants to make sense of his mixed race identitywhere he belongs, what he is and what is not. 

What is the central conflict for Jason?

Jason's father refuses to help him with his "slave project."


What is at stake? 

When Jason's father is taken to hospital for life threatening illness, Jason realises that if his father passes, his story and legacy will risk never getting told. He becomes more determined than ever.  Loss, death and family relationships are at stake. 

Key Plot Points for Jason 

  • Jason has to convince his father to tell him about their history in the USA.

  • Jason and his father's influence on music and the catalyst to Jason's  hip-hop/rap journey.  

  • Jason's experience growing up as a kid in the south of Sweden and the racism he hid from his parents.

  • Jason becoming the musical sensation that he is today.

  • Jason and his mother's story and how she met his father.j

Key plot points in the episodes are : 

Madubuko Diakité
The centre of gravity for Jason

Jason's father is Madubuko Diakité

Key conflict points for Madubuko:

  • He does not want Jason to write his book

  • He has life threatening illness

  • He does not approve of Jason's career choices into music 

  • He wants Jason to accept Sweden the way he has and be at peace with it.

  • Jason forces him to bring up things from his past that he has buried and wants to forget.